DJ Leonidis

Leon ‘Dj Leonidis’ Ellis is a Retired Marine Corps Veteran born August 13, 1978, in Baltimore, Maryland. With a profound love of music, he started Dj’ing at age 16, with just a tape deck and one turntable. The music of choice at the time in Baltimore was house/Baltimore/Jersey-club, a genre that started in Chicago. In 2001 Dj Leonidis moved to Beaufort, SC where he performed at various local venues. In 2012 he moved to Japan where he performed at local clubs, bars, and private events. Shortly after leaving Japan in 2013, he moved to Palm Springs, CA and became the resident DJ for a local hot spot. Dj Leonidis attended Scratch Dj Academy, in Los Angeles, CA where he completed the Advanced Mixing DJ Course.

Dj Leonidis is currently working with MyDjs San Diego and Tmmy D Productions, moving crowds and filling dance floors around the San Diego, Riverside, North County, and Temecula area. Dj Leonidis is an Open format DJ who has experience working with turntables, CDJ’s, and various controllers. He also specializes in mixing music videos and has a keen ability to read the dance floor which allows him to musically touch everyone.