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James Kellogg, Jr.

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America’s funniest Hypnotist JAMES KELLOGG, Jr. Helps audience members find their inner-Superstars in his delightful Comedy Hypnosis show. The sixty-minute show is a fast-paced blend of comedy, music and audience antics, exploring the subconscious minds of normal people with hilarious results.

Laughter, surprise, excitement, and greed are just a few of the consequences when the science of hypnosis meets the art of theatre. Each show is unique when Kellogg turns audience members into celebrities. People will experience a range of emotions including happiness, sadness, greed and fear. You can never tell what might happen when this lively entertainer takes the stage. His style is clean and refreshing, without embarrassment or profanity. The audience volunteers are always respected, because they are the stars of the show. He has performed this HILARIOUS show for literally thousands of Fairs, Festivals, Corporate Events, Grad Nights and College Events all over the United States. Mr. Kellogg’s affiliations and some highlights from his career include:
Featured on TruTV’s hit show “Conspiracy Theory” with Jesse Ventura (Manchurian Candidate episode), as well as TLC’s hit show LA INK when he hypnotized Kat VonD to quit smoking. Watch him this fall on VH1 on the "Miss You Much" when it premiers in December!

More than fifteen years ago, he became a registered, certified hypnotherapist and now holds the elite title of board certified hypnotherapist. Mr. Kellogg is currently working towards his clinical degree so that he can teach those who want to make helping others their passion too. He began working with individuals, helping people overcome phobias and other issues like stopping smoking, building confidence and losing weight. He loves working with his clients because hypnosis is one of the few sciences where people can change themselves without drugs or surgery. It gives him an enormous amount of pride to know that he has guided someone through their path of self discovery and personal empowerment. “Every person has a superstar celebrity inside of them” he explained. “I love freeing that inner spirit!”

• (Board Certified)National Guild of Hypnotists
• (Certified, Registered) American Board of Hypnotherapy

• WFA Western Fairs Association
• IAFE International Association of Fairs and Expositions
• NACA National Association of Campus Activities
• CADA California Association of Directors of Activities

James Kellogg Jr. is a native Californian, born in the city of Orange and has lived in southern California for most of his life.
He has always has a passion for entertaining. At the early age of 5 he found out that performing magic was a great way of getting attention. He presented his first magic show to children at his elementary school at the age of 9. He then performed and won the original “Gong Show” at the age of 10. His pursuit of entertainment and magic has continued throughout his life. Mr. Kellogg has performed award winning close-up magic, parlor magic, stage illusion shows and has mastered the skill of escape artistry including Houdini’s dangerous water torture cell. His talent has landed him on television and allowed him to perform in some of the most prestigious venues in the country and abroad. He has made countless people smile, laugh and gasp with his mixture of magic and comedy.

Show Options

Close-up Magic:
Magic performed up close and personal. Sleight of hand magic performed at a table, which even happens in the spectator's hands. It can be with a few people or as many as 20 to 35. It leaves a memory that will never be forgotten.
Strolling Magic:
This is magic where the Magician moves around during the event. It encourages interactions with the guests. This is a way to start the evening with just the right touch. This is especially popular for the cocktail hour.
Stage or Parlor Magic Show:
This is for a show either in a banquet room or on stage. It will be the feature of the event. Interactions with the audience are the main objective. Guaranteed to make them laugh and gasp, all in the same show.
Grand Illusion Stage Show: Large-scale stage illusions for large audiences of over 150 people. Combining ambitious stage illusions with contemporary music and choreography to create a true spectacle of modern magic. This is the show your audience will be talking about for weeks after the final bow. This show requires a large risen stage and is accompanied by at least one on-stage by his assistant.